If a company is to succeed over time, it must adapt at least as fast as its surroundings. Equinor is no exception, and we’re now taking great steps to further develop the company from a focused oil and gas company to a broad energy major. That means that we’ll produce oil and gas with ever-lower greenhouse gas emissions, and we will grow significantly in renewable energy.

"Equinor 2030" is a calendar where you can see some of our future projects, including our commitment to renewable energy, projects that will reduce emissions from oil and gas production, and projects that will provide more energy to meet the world's increasing energy needs.

Equinor, worldwide

We know that we need to find new ways to meet the world's energy needs, while taking our share of responsibility for reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gases.

If we are to succeed in the next 50 years, we must be part of the answer to the major challenges facing the world. We’re ambitious and we’re looking forward to the future with optimism.

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